The Idea

Hi, I'm Nazareno Palange, an Italian larper. On March 26th, 2014 I wondered whether there was a LARP Day. Along with other Italian larpers and associations, I found out that there was no such day. A real pity. So we decided to celebrate it on the third Sunday of May and share the idea with the rest of the world. So, Happy LARP DAY!

The Original Letter

With other Italian associations we were thinking to create a “LARP DAY”. A day in which every players around the world share their pride with a banner on Facebook that says for example “I PLAY LIVE ACTION ROLE GAME”. We are thinking to celebrate it on the third Sunday of May because the weather is great in that period, the fourth Saturday of May is the day of the play and the second is Mother’s Day so the third Sunday of May seems free. We’d like to make it an international event. We would like to obtain the major visibility possible by sharing the same idea/program and date with the rest of the world.


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